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Coffee 500g Bag - Woodstock Farm Blend - Whole Beans

When you buy our coffee you help feed Aussies in Need by funding our charity farms to grow food all year round.

Thanks to Phil Di Bella's Coffee Commune you can now enjoy coffee that funds our charity.

Woodstock Blend is an Intense Dark Roast with Chocolate & Caramel Notes fro Smooth Finish and based on Reverence Blend.

500 GM BAG

Tasting Notes: Brownie, Toffee, Cacao, Brown Sugar, Earthy
This dark roasted coffee will surprise you with its rich, full flavour yet smooth finish on the palate.  You will experience intense chocolate overtones, perfectly counterbalanced by heavy caramels. Developed to highlight the unique characteristics of the roasting process. This blend is ideal for milk based coffees lovers, while still appealing to black coffee drinkers who enjoy low acidity in their cup.

Profile: Smooth and Strong
If you could describe your perfect coffee in 3 words… what would it be? Smooth and sweet ? Strong and rich? Bold and full bodied? You are talking about “profile”

* Bright - juicy, fruity flavours that are more complex
* Smooth - sweeter tasting, rounded flavour and aftertaste, with a balanced strength. 
* Strong - coffee that has an intense, rich flavour from start to finish.

Roast: Medium - Dark
Roast level refers to how dark the coffee beans have been roasted, influencing the flavour and characteristics of your coffee. The darker the roast the more of the roasted flavour and strength is in the coffee but the trade off is a reduction in the coffee's origin flavours.

* Dark Roast: The beans are roasted to a deep, rich color. Dark roasts are often favoured for milk-based drinks, providing a robust base that pairs perfectly with creamy textures.
* Medium Roast: With softer caramels and hints of milk chocolate, medium-roasted beans strike a balance between boldness and smoothness. They're a popular choice for those who enjoy both milk and black coffee.
* Light Roast: Preserves the origin character of the coffee but with a trade off of strength and boldness. Bright and often fruity, light-roasted beans retain their natural flavors and acidity, offering a refreshing taste profile. These beans are typically preferred for black coffee, highlighting their vibrant qualities without the addition of milk.

Intensity: 4.5 / 6 (Medium)
High intensity coffees, with a rating of +4.5, are known for their robust flavors, making them perfect for milk coffees or bold black brews. 

If you prefer a milder experience, with a smoother texture and gentler flavor profile, you might find your match with coffees rated 4 and below. These brews offer a more subtle taste journey, akin to the lightness of tea.

Flavour: Chocolate, Caramel, and Spicy
The flavour profile refers to the distinct characteristics that shape your coffee experience, enhancing its intensity and overall profile. This is what you can actually taste in your coffee - dark chocolate, walnuts, citrus..... 

The flavour comes from the beans themselves, no flavouring is added.

This coffee has flavours that include:
• Chocolate
• Caramel
• Spicy

Origin: Uganda, Brazil, PNG, and Ethiopia
The countries where the beans are sourced from. This coffee includes beans from
• Uganda
• Brazil
• Ethiopia

Acidity: Low
Acidity in coffee refers to the presence of acidic flavour compounds, which play a crucial role in enhancing and adding complexity to the brew. Acid sounds harsh, but it can be a good thing - oranges are acidic but sweet and refreshing. 

Lower acid coffees are great for milk and sweet infusions like syrups. While higher acidic coffeess bring juicyness, sweetness and brightness which is wonderful for those who enjoy it black.

Crema: Thick
Crema is the golden foam that sits atop an espresso, formed when oils and dissolvable solids emulsify with carbon dioxide and water during the brewing process. It's not just a visual treat—it also adds depth and texture to your coffee experience.

Caffeine Level: Regular

Organic: Not Organic

Best Brew Method: Espresso Machine, Aeropress, and Stovetop
Age Best Used: 4 - 28 days
Dose: 20 - 21 grams</p>
Extraction: 25 - 30 ml
Extraction Time: 26 - 31 seconds

Usage Guide:
1 - 2 cups daily  |  1kg per month
2 - 4 cups daily  |  1kg per fortnight
6 - 8 cups daily  |  1kg per week