Welcome to The Mini Farm Project

We're not just growing food, we're sowing the seeds of change. From working to create a network of charity farms to placing donors at the centre of our mission.

We are on a mission to combat food insecurity across Queensland, then Australia, by establishing a network of charity farms stretching from Coolangatta to Cairns. Growing fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, bush foods and more and providing this food each week for free to our charity partners like Meals on Wheels, OzHarvest, FareShare and other charities located around each of our farms.

We firmly believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Our initiative is more than just farming; it's a movement that brings together Industry, Government, Education, Charity, and YOU in a collaborative effort.

Together, we are dedicated to creating a network of Charity Farms committed to year-round food production, youth education, engagement, and employment programs, all while fostering community cohesion through farm-based activities.

Join us today in our mission to build a healthier, more resilient future for all.

Frequently asked question

Because the reality is stark: over 3.7 million households in Australia, including children, are currently skipping meals or enduring entire days without eating. There's simply not enough food to reach those who need it most. We refuse to stand idly by; instead, we're turning to farming as a solution.

Our vision is bold yet achievable: to Build a Network of Charity Farms, with the community at the heart of our mission. With two active farms already established in Samford and Loganlea, we've not only proven our concept but also its replicability.

A network offers resilience and flexibility, especially in times of targeted weather events causing damage. It allows us to grow a diverse range of nutritious foods anytime, anywhere, using various growing styles like regenerative farming, aquaponics, open-field egg production, hydroponics, and more.

We offer unique donation opportunities such as Sponsoring a Bed, joining our Feed Australia Challenge, or purchasing our purpose-driven coffee. Every contribution helps fund our farmers to continue growing food all year round.

We go further as a charity to provide donors of our Feed Australia Challenge the opportunity to Vote which farm is built next, know how much funds we raised and spent and to sit into our live stream operations meetings.

As a charity we primarily work on the good nature of people to make donations to fund what we do and how we do it.

In 2018, Australia raised the largest amount of money ever for a single cause. The 2018 bush fire event. Some of that money has not been distributed and caused a great amount of controversy with the people of Australia.  We have experienced mistrust thinking that we will not direct donations to where they need to go.

So we created our Feed Australia Challenge. A program were we are working to attract 100,000 Aussies to donate a minimum of $3.70 a month to fund a farm a month. What they get for their donation is (1) To vote which farm is built next, (2) to know how much we raised and spent, and (3) to sit in to our live stream operations meetings.

We believe in transparency and inclusion and this world first program delivers. 


Business, organisations, families and individual can make a tax deductible donation to fund our farms by Sponsoring a Bed.

We provide a monthly or one off donation opportunity to sponsor a quarter, half or whole bed for a year.

All funds go to the farms operational costs including farmer wages and inputs to produce food and develop programs.

Sponsors receive a plaque, logo on farm sponsor sign and 12 social media posts to share on their social media along with regular shoutouts on our social media through the year.

If you want your donation to Matter CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR A BED TODAY.

We are a Registered Australian Charity with ACNC, and DGR1 Registered with the ATO and All donations are fully Tax Deductible.

ABN: 88606937286.

We have mapped our services to the following UNSDG's in order to make it easy for business to sponsor.

What UNSDG's do you cover?

Our services can meet your ESG targets in Social and Environmental targets and goals.

Contact us for more information.

Our solution


Using a range of low-impact growing and regenerative farming methods, we will produce fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, wild edibles, honey, bush foods, chicken eggs and fish across out network farms each week for free to our Charity Partners.


We offer comprehensive education programs tailored to students on our school-based charity farms, such as Loganlea State High School, designed to align seamlessly with curriculum outcomes. These programs provide hands-on learning experiences that not only supplement classroom teachings but also instill practical skills and foster a deeper understanding of agriculture and food production.


We are stronger, and healthier, together. Through our collaborative on farm programs we Build Community around each of our farms.

Join the Fight against Hunger

Help Build Farms to Feed Aussies in Need!

Our farms

Our newest suburban charity farm, Loganlea State High School will have an emphasis on building community, education and providing fresh produce to charities that support the Logan region.

Our flagship farm, nestled in the picturesque valley of Samford in Brisbane's north-west.

This site will now become a food resilience hub showcasing food production in backyards and food production on underutilised spaces to feed those in need.

Woodstock will be our 6 acre site located at Youth Enterprise Trust in the Logan Region.

It will feature charity and commercial crops as well as education programs for students and disengaged young people.

Opening late 2025, Barns Lane Farm will be more than just a farm, it'll be a sustainable tourist attraction!

We can't wait to join this community and help feed those in need on the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch if you want to support this project.