The Mini Farm Project

Building Farms to Feed Aussies in Need

What we do:

We are a Registered Charity working to Build a Network of Charity Farms to:

  1. Feed Aussies in Need
  2. Educate young people
  3. Build Community through social programs

We are Building Farms to Feed Aussies in Need!

Welcome to our initiative to unite Industry, Government, Education, Charity, and YOU in a collaborative effort to establish a network of Charity Farms dedicated to year round food production, youth education, engagement, and employment programs, and fostering community cohesion through farm based activities.

Why are we doing this? Because currently, there are 3.7 million households in Australia skipping meals or enduring entire days without eating.
We believe in taking action. We're turning to farming as a solution.

Our vision is to Build a Network of Charity Farms, and inviting the community to actively participate in our mission.

We believe in transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

Join us in our Feed Australia Challenge!

We are looking for 100,000 Aussies to JOIN for only $3.70 a month. That's less than a cup of coffee once a month.

Your contribution will enable us to establish a new farm each month, providing up to 500,000 meals.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to:

  1. vote on which farm to build next,
  2. know how much we raised,
  3. participate in our live stream meetings.

If you're passionate about creating positive change, join the challenge today.

Together, we can make a difference.

Support our donation products below!

You don't have to sacrifice your world to make the world of difference to those in need. Here are the top 3 ways you can help to feed Aussies in need today
Give a Box & feed someone in need
Give a Box

Give a Box & feed someone in need

From $20
Sponsor a Garden Bed
Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsor a Garden Bed

From $50/mth
Wake up with a Purpose
Mini-Farm Coffee Beans

Wake up with a Purpose

Make the switch and change lives
Our purpose

Our purpose

We are working to build a network of charity farms to feed Australians in need, for free, all year round.
Our farms

Our farms

We believe that food insecurity can be eliminated through a chain of special purpose urban and peri-urban farms.
Our impact

Our impact

Using regenerative and sustainable growing methods, our produce is donated feely to local charities and food security agencies.

Other ways to support Mini Farm Project

deliver a farm-fresh box of produce to help feed someone in need today
Local, farm-fresh produce and delicious hand-selected coffee, delivered to your door
We're always looking for helping hands. Register your interest today
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Wake up with Purpose

Buy our Coffee and help Build Farms to Feed Aussies in Need!