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Are you ready to be a powerful force against hunger?

Join us in the battle against food insecurity in Queensland by sponsoring a charity farm bed with The Mini Farm Project and make a lasting impact by helping us grow food to feed people in need in our communities.


Right now, over 3.7 million households across Australia are experiencing food insecurity. Up 85% since 2022.
Meaning that in our Developed Nation, Aussies are skipping meals or going whole days without eating, including children.

There simply isn't enough food available to feed those who need it the most.

Our solution is to create a network of charity farms growing fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, bush foods, and more each week to be given to our charity partners, creating meals and providing hampers.

You can help fund our farms by sponsoring a bed right now.

When you sponsor, you HELP to:
• Feed Aussies in need each week
• Build a sustainable food system
• Reduce the impact of food insecurity by producing food
• Meet UN SDGs 2, 11, 12, 13, 15 and related targets
• Meet ESG goals through social development programs, regenerative farming, and Climate smart Ag-Tech.
• Align with SEQ Regional Plan
• Employ farmers and farm hands, including young farmers and long term unemployed.
• Educate young people on our farms and school-based farms
• Grow a variety of produce using a variety of growing methods
• Create social programs to build community, including youth engagement and employment programs, programs for people living with dementia, mental illness, and loneliness and more.
• Be part of the solution to change.

When you sponsor a bed, you receive:

A tax-deductible receipt for your donation and
Recognition for the term of sponsorship includes:
• 12 social media posts to share
• Regular shoutouts on our social media
• Logo on a sign at the front of the farm
• A plaque with a logo for bed photos and social media
• Leverage content from all the farms in our network
• Certificate for supporting UN Goals 2, 11, 12, 13, 15
(Available for levels 1 and 2 only)

Choose your preferred donation levels with one or more beds now:

Level 1 - Full Bed Sponsorship: $2000 per Year
Level 2 - Monthly Bed Sponsorship: $197 per Month
Level 3 - Share a Bed Sponsorship: $1,000 per Year
Level 4 - Share Bed Sponsorship: $100 per Month
Level 5 - Ambassador Sponsorship: $50 a month


We need all our beds funded at our farms to continue our work.

How does it work:
• Choose your donation level.
• On the right of this screen select One Off or Monthly.
• Choose the amount to sponsor.
• Make payment.
• We will then make contact to obtain your logo and commence our recognition program and choose a farm.

Where does the money go:
When you sponsor a bed, you help fund the operational costs of all our farms for a year or monthly based on your donation, including farmer wages, amendments, and other inputs to produce food and programs for the year.

What happens if you don’t get full funding:
All funds will go to running our farms until all funds are fully used. Funds may be redirected or deployed to other farms and programs within Mini Farm Project as we work to continue fundraising for existing farms. In the case that not all beds are funded, the farm will continue to operate until all funds are used, then we will slow down or fallow pending new funding.

Our current farms:
Your donation will help fund our existing farms at Samford and Loganlea:

Now in our 4th year of operation donating food to Meals on Wheels Moreton Bay, FareShare, and Bribie Pantry.
Loganlea State High School:
Now in its second year providing food to OzHarvest, Marsden Community Assist, and students in need at the school.

Our planned farms:
• Brisbane Inner City showcase farm using a variety of Ag-Tech to develop sustainable food systems
• Youth Enterprise trust with 5 acres involving youth engagement and employment programs
• Griffith University Logan Campus with 1 acre
• Coolum Beach
• Cairns

The difference with Share or Sponsor a Bed:
You can choose to:
Sponsor one or more full beds for a year or monthly. This means you are sponsoring a whole bed by yourself.
You can share one or more beds for a year or monthly. This means you share a bed with another donor over the term of donation where it is yearly or monthly.

Sharing a bed is an affordable option to make a lasting meaningful impact in our communities.


For inquiries or assistance, reach out to our Sponsorship Team at

It is really this simply to feed people in our community.

We just need YOUR help TODAY!

Join us in the Fight Against Hunger Now.

Together, we can make a difference—one bed at a time!

It's fully Tax Deductible!

Make a great tax-deductible investment in your community today and share with your customers, followers, and note on grants and tenders.