Mini Farm Project Ltd

MYO - Thyme - Bunch - Regenerative Organic

Farm-fresh and nutritious local produce, packed with purpose. 

Minty, earthy organic Long Eggplants. Order by the bunch.

Available for pick-up only on Thursday or Saturday from 8am to 3pm.

All profits from our produce go straight back into growing food to give to charities that feed those in need. 

Eating healthy and making an impact at the same time? Doesn't get more simple than that. 

What's in the Box?

Produce Box includes an assortment of 6 items from the farm including:

- Basil, Bok Choy, Celery, Hakurei Salad Turnip, Pak Choy, Salad Mix, Radish, Shallots, or Tatsoi, cauliflower, broccoli, Asian greens, herbs.

Note: Produce orders are Pick up only at the Farm.


Samford Farm Precinct, Samford

2204 Mt Samson Road, Samford.  Look for the Glasshouses and go into the complex to the lower car park.

Look for a double roller door shed next to a red brick building and attract the attention of Liam and the team to collect your box. Liam may be in the field, feel free to go down and see the farm and get his attention.

They may be down on the farm so take a look and attract their attention. You can see what we are doing with our farm and growing food for people in need.

Choose Thursday or Saturday for pick up.

ORDER Cut off for Thursday is 8 pm Tuesday

ORDER Cut off for Saturday is 8pm Thursday.

PICK UP orders - In an effort to combat waste please bring shopping bags for collection of produce as they will be placed in sealed totes without bags or boxes.  

We currently do not offer delivery.