Become a corporate sponsor

There are people in our community that are going hungry. We have a plan to help resolve food insecurity, but we cannot achieve it alone. Together, we can make it happen.

If your business is looking to make a real impact to Australian families in need, why not sponsor one of our charity farms? We have a bold plan to solve food insecurity across Australia, with many opportunities available to build our network of charity farms, we just missing your support.

The pillars of benefit

Direct benefits

By donating to create farms, your business will be seen undertaking a tangible, and sustainable, initiative that will help solve a problem that 1 in 6 Australian adults face. All sponsors are recognised across our network, promoted at events and across our social media and form a backbone to our growing community.

Community benefits

Funding a farm will promote employment and education pathways for students and the long-term unemployed, as well as support inclusion programs, events, sustainable farming practices and climate sensitive methods and technologies.

Flow on effect

Your support, and it's impact across communities, will be tangible and measured with real outputs including food production, volunteer hours, employment hours, meals created and more. Rarely does a charitable opportunity offer such transparency into how and when the funds are used, and the benefits seen every day.
Loganlea State High School Project, commencing February 2023

Fully funded

Luvaberry Farm, Wamuran, planned for July 2023

Remaining budget: $230,000

Barns Lane, Coolum, planned November 2023

Remaining budget: $270,000